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The AGRO-COW Ltd. is a private enterprise, which was established on 1 september 1991. The company manages a 2,000 hectare farm near Berettyoujfalu in the Bihar region. Our activities is agricultural, supplementary activities there is not.



Its priorities are cattle breeding and milk production. The field growing of plants provides fodder for the cattle breeding. We primarily grow corn, maize for silage, medick, autumn wheat, sunflower and autumn oilseed rape. We perform the maintenance and reparations of  the machines  and the harvesting  with our  own equipment,  machines  and  combines harvesters.

Pozsár barn

Claas Jaguar 950

Our future plans include the reconstruction of the cattle-farm, the improvements of the technical conditions of the farm, and the modernization of the equipment and machines used for cultivation. All these developments will contribute to the production of high quality products at competitive prices.




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