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The company manages 2000 hectare farm near Berettyoujfalu in the Bihar region. We primarily grow corn, maize for silage, medick, autumn wheat, sunflower and autumn oilseed rape. We perform the maintenance and reparations of the machines and the harvesting with our own equipment, machines and combines harvesters. We shift about the farm equipment and machinery and would like to get in modern and  more energysaver machines. Newer and modern machines is cost effectiveness than olds and advance the ground works.


In control of production use to developed computer technologies. As follows can assay  and guidance. Therefore the plant cultivation is progressiv and results prominent. Our yields is topping than average hungarian yield in every year. 

JD8300 disking



JD2264 harvester at work Company have 8000 tons of granary capacity and can watering in 250 hectares. Our aim is a great of dimension investments in plant cultivation sector. We would like to take alternative system of plant cultivation and grow alternative plants.



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